Smart Product Sorting Software
for Category Management in E-commerce

Smart Solutions

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Smart Solutions


Pin the products and rank them as you wish. Let the algorithm decide their order or prioritize them with a tailor-made order.


Feature some group of products. Category-oriented sorting is here to help you with window dressing your e-commerce site.


Add new criteria to the algorithm in line with the nature of your business field. Combine them with general criteria, and get better results.


Make sure all of the top-ranking products have sufficient stock quantity. Automatically place lower quantity products to the back row, and have them back to the front when stocks are renewed.


Feature some products on a schedule. Make sure products go to their normal order as the campaign period ends.


Renew the product sortings every hour. Make sure customers see the most optimized ranking 24/7.

Why Product Sorting Optimization is Important for E-commerce?

First-Ever Large Leak on User Funnel

The largest leak occurs on the first step of the user funnel. Around 57% of customers leave the e-commerce site without visiting any product page.

What's on First Page is Vital

Only 5% of customers proceed to the second page of the category. Sorting products with higher performance to the first page is the key to success.

Time Consuming Stock-Outs

When products without stock occupy higher ranks, they lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction and conversation rates.

Consume Best-Before?

Tracking all the best-before dates is not easy. Fresh products are spoiled due to insufficient sales until the best-before date.

Category Managers Unable to Keep The Pace

Manuel sorting takes 3-to-4 hours a day for a category manager. Even if they know what to do, human power is not enough to keep the pace of fast e-commerce environment.

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